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BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR is an orchestra made of some 15 analogue function generators for four hands played by polish/swiss/french duet Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz.

With its oscilloscopes, sinusoidals, and frequency sweeps, Biblioteq Mdulair is a sound installation producing all kind of waveforms, exploring vibrations, tickeling resonances, and creating breathing beats. Those primitive electronics machines bring the soundspace down to a magma of waves for a dizzying acoustactile experience.

Bringing the fundamental acoustic waveform to the front stage so it can be experienced by the body and mind, each performance has a storyline with a scenario that allows the two artists to freely improvise from one chapter to another. The public that enters this intense and fascinating laboratory for sensorial experimentations is brought down to various atmospheres from a soft stroll to an earthquake.

SYNKIE is an analogue ecosystem for video manipulation created by [ a n y m a ]. This modular video synthesiser stands as the perfect alter-ego of legendary Moog and works as a true analogue processor for the moving image. The three creators/experimenters will distributes their video waves on dozens of CTR televisions for creating a total audiovisual symbiosis.

“Like a Moog or Doepfer synth, the Synkie was developed with modularity in mind. So far, [ a n y m a ] has built modules to split and combine the sync and video signals, and modules to invert, add, subtract, mix, filter and amplify those signals. The end result of all this video processing produces an output that can look like a glitched Atari, art installation, and scrambled cable station all at the same time.”
– Brian Benchoff – Hackaday


Synkie at LUFF 2014



  • July 31st 2017 – Bruit ne se taira pas, Malagnou, Genève CH
  • may 29th 2017 – Urgence Disk, L’Usine, Genève CH
    audio-visual live act with SYNKIE, event
  • may 21st 2017 – Frode Café, Forde, L’Usine, Genève CH
    “The World Question Center”, live music on film performance, soundcloud, event
  • may 4th 2017 – one gee in fog, Galerie Topic, Genève CH
    “ROBOTA ! ROBOTA !”, music and reading performance based on Karel Čapek’s R.U.R. (Rosum’s Universal Robots), soundcloud, event
  • march 30th 2017 – Trou de Ver: Archives du futur, Galerie Topic, Genève CH
    “TITIN”, 3 hours and 33 minutes long live performance feat. Dmitry Golubovskiy reciting the longest known word, vimeo, soundcloud, event
  • november 16th 2016 – Musik & Biblioteq, Écurie, Genève CH
  • october 27th 2016 – Ondulor#16, Walden, Genève CH
    Live performance in collaboration with D.C.P, soundcloud
  • october 19-22th 2016 – Lausanne Underground Music & Film Festival (LUFF), Lausanne CH
    Four days installation, daily live performances and readings broadcasted on LUFF.FM, soundcloud
  • may 14th 2016 – Sonorectures, Zona Mutante, Genève CH
    “Lectures de la quatrième dimension”, reading performance, vimeo
  • march 4th 2016 – Gathering for Open Source Hardware – CERN, Genève CH
    audio-visual live act with SYNKIE, vimeo
  • november 6th 2015 – Das Model Night, Cave 12, Genève CH
    “DAS MDEL”, screening, vimeo, soundcloud
  • june 17th 2015 – Cave 12, Genève CH
    audio-visual live act with SYNKIE, vimeo
  • may 31st 2015 – Goûter Merveilleux, Zoo, Usine, Genève CH, soundcloud
  • april 1-5th 2015 – Deviant Art Festival (DAF), Genève CH
    “Lit sonore”, Installation and four days performance, installation



emma souharce

I come from south of France where I initiated my studies in visual arts before completing them in Geneva. With my friends we brought together Le Club des Astronomes, a collective for performances and scenographic happenings with whom I create various spaces and play music in a cloud of smoke.

I still draw and I still create various personal installations, but I devote more and more energy to my sound art. For instance, with Daniel, we play as surgeons in neurology with Biblioteq Mdulair by turning knobs as if we would knit synaptic connections. I also run my own sound spacialization project Par-Delà (i.e. hereafter). With those two projects, I like creating hypnotic atmospheres and using sound waveforms for recharging our public’s batteries. I speak French, Spanish and English.


daniel maszkowicz

Born in Switzerland, with strong Polish origins, I discovered electronics through my studies as a scientific researcher in Power Electronics. With a particular sensitivity for noise music, experimental cinema and learning new languages, human or machine, I happily and succesfully developped a multiple life. Bringing together science and art, living my passion for curating independant films in Cinema Spoutnik, I feel a constant motivation in looking for the limits and breaking borders.

Together with Emma, we created this fascinating music instrument made of analogue function generators that we named Biblioteq Mdulair. In parallel, my interest in manipulating sound fundamental waveforms took me naturally to SuperCollider programming environment for creating infinite soundscapes through my own project GÉNÉRATEURS. I speak C, VHDL and assembly, with some basic knowledge in Russian and Korean.


michael egger synkie

Michael Egger (*1974) is a video artist, tinkerer, programmer, musician and pedagogue. He develops musical instruments that produce video instead of sound, instruments that let you manipulate images in real time and give them a musical expression. His inventions, like the synkie, videobass, udmx or the gnusb, are published under open source licenses.

He is a founding member of [ a n y m a ] and a member of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society. In conjunction with Maïté Colin he developed a mobile TV studio and a technical and educational approach that enables laymen to make their own live télévision show. Their project STREETV won the art contest of the city of Fribourg in 2006.

Michael Egger develops interactive multimedia installations (eg for the Museum of Ethnology at the University of Zurich), and imparts regularly his knowledge of sensor technology, programming (especially microcontrollers and MaxMSP) and electronics in workshops, lectures or as a guest lecturer at various universities.

And sometimes he just grabs his guitar again, and you can encounter him busking in a subway somewhere…


max egger synkie

Max Egger works as a software programmer, writing device drivers for a measurement company. In his free time, he tries to escape the constraints of this daily routine and explore the expressive and artistic possibilities of new technologies. To this end, he works with images either in their analog or digital representations. Apart from performing, has helped solve specific technical problems for many artistic installations and events.


jean-françois delangre tour manager

During his many trips and during his two years in the baltic research field, JFD had the opportunity to familiarize himself and to forge close ties with the (very rich!) local artistic scenes, intensely creative and dynamic. Through his contacts, he initiated exchanges between artists from central, eastern and western Europe on numerous occasions. He was also a “Baltic Tour Manager” of the Berlino-Parisian group PEINE PERDUE, the Finns MELTING HEART, JAAKO EINO KAALEVI, LONG SAM, French group LA CHATTE, participated in the organization and / or artistic selection of numerous underground festivals in the area, such as STRCAMP, SUPKYNES, DROP DEAD, RIGA EUROPRIDE and has collaborated with many local concert venues in Lithuania and Latvia: YUCATAN, KABLYS, KKC, CHOMSKY, NAUDA, BOLDERAJA, DEVINI K-9, PIENS, SPACE GARAGE, ARISTIDS and many others. This artistic hobby horse, on the margins of his main occupation as doctoral student in political science (Memory politics and victimhood race), offers him the serendipity necessary to the fulfillment of his doctoral thesis as well as an additional pretext to rummage archives and carry out impromptu interviews with the Baltic indigenous people.


  • 1st September Helsinki – Finland
    Akusmata, Sound art Gallery, web
  • 2 September Tallinn – Estonia
    MIMstuudio, web
  • 3 September Riga – Latvia
    Bolderāja, web
  • 6 September Moscow – Russia
    Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, web
  • 10 September Kiev – Ukraine
    Visual Culture Research Center, web
  • 12 September Warsaw – Poland
    Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki), web
    Welcome reception for 19th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE’17 ECCE Europe. web
  • 16 September Gdańsk – Poland
    Kolonia Artystów, web
  • 18 September Berlin – Germany
    Madame Claude, web

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Biblioteq Mdulair Luff
Biblioteq Mdulair Luff
Biblioteq Mdulair Cave 12 Synkie
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Biblioteq Mdulair zoo