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Sonification of Data in a very broad meaning for art and/or science purpose, including (but not exclusively) Scientific Data Sonification, Sonification of Essays and Concepts, Conferences Talks with Sound Examples, and Algorithmics.


  • December 12th 2019 – Roboraisons, robopoïèses: les intelligences artificielles de la nature, Cinéma Spoutnik, Geneva CH
    Conference by André Ourednik, sonification by Daniel Maszkowicz, event


  • November 17th 2019 – On Data Sonification and its Broad Interpretation in Science, Art and Surveillance, Black Cloud – Kyiv Biennal, The House of Cinema, Kiev UA
    Conference and Workshop with relation to surveillance and Big Data, event
  • Septembre 8th 2019 – On Data Sonification and its Broad Interpretation in Science and Art: An example using SuperCollider with ATLAS Open Data Bank from CERN by Dr. James Beacham and Dr. Daniel Siemaszko (aka Daniel Maszkowicz), International Symposium on Spatial Sound Arts, Platform-L, Seoul KR
    Talk featuring sound examples and an original sonification piece, event