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Immersive waves sent to Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Macau, Phnom Penh and Đáo Xuân Festival – Gầm Trời Valley in Vietnam
produced by Copypast edition and SZKMD production
with the support of La Fondation pour les artistes interprètes SIS

Emma Souharce
symbiotic drones | bio-micro-machines | immersive landscapes

Emma Souharce is a sound artist who composes her pieces by the light of candles. Crackles, caresses, screams of micro-machines and circuit struggles, Emma Souharce sculpts precise and intense archaeological footprints in the sound material. Through immersive landscapes, she weaves links between ritual and music, with the secret ambition of reaching complete symbiotic states. Her daily life is also animated by collaborative projects which the analogical orchestra Biblioteq Mdulair (co-founded with Daniel Maszkowicz) is part. Emma Souharce is also active in La Reliure collective and the publishing house Copypasta created in 2012. Emma Souharce lives and works in Geneva.


Emma sougarce sorginiac
Photo by Zoe Genhart

Daniel Maszkowicz
telluric drones | brainwaves | ASMR noise

Daniel Maszkowicz works on SuperCollider with which he brings together an infinity of digital function generators. With his music, he creates a massive polyphonic and multichannel soundscape where frequencies merge into an intense magma of resonating waves, bringing the audience into an immersive hypnotic atmosphere. The low frequency beats synchronised with natural brainwaves and molecular resonance patterns, allow a vertiginous take off into consciousness. Powerful sounds made of psychoacoustic synthesis and feedbacks that turn around and collide in the acoustic space are the main source of inspiration of this illuminated scientist. Daniel Maszkowicz is engineer, musician, cinema curator, film producer, BDSM performer. He currently lives in Geneva – Switzerland.


daniel maszkowicz sapporo cosmos
Sapporo – photo by Clémentine Gilliéron

Maszkowicz and Souharce Asia Tour 2019