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Biblioteq Mdulair & Synkie for [ a n y m a ] 20 years anniversary – 2nd november

From 1st to 3rd November 2019, Swiss collective [ a n y m a ] celebrated its 20th anniversary!

BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR is an orchestra made of vintage laboratory analogue function generators played by duet Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz. With oscilloscopes, frequency sweeps, and primitive electronics generators of all sorts, this sound installation produces repetitve waveforms, exploring vibrations, tickeling resonances, and creating breathing beats for a truly hypnotic noise experience. Biblioteq Mdulair is mostly a music instrument, but the collective often performs with the analogue modular video synthesizer SYNKIE, driven by its creators Michael Egger, Max Egger and Flo Kaufmann from swiss collective [ a n y m a ]. This massive double installation creates a total audiovisual symbiosis with dozens of CTR televisions, for the most intense and fascinating laboratory for sensorial experimentations. This full setup has been shown at CERN, European Center for Nuclear Research, and in several Eastern European galeries while touring in 2017. Biblioteq Mdulair released their first LP in may 2018 with label Copypasta Editions and Aussenraum Records.