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By repetition, you start noticing details in the landscape – Biblioteq Mdulair & Synkie at Spoutnik, 20th december

BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR is an orchestra made of vintage laboratory analogue function generators played by duet Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz. With oscilloscopes, frequency sweeps, and primitive electronics generators of all sorts, this sound installation produces repetitve waveforms, exploring vibrations, tickeling resonances, and creating breathing beats for a truly hypnotic noise experience. Biblioteq Mdulair is mostly a music instrument, but the collective often performs with the analogue modular video synthesizer SYNKIE, driven by its creators Michael Egger, Max Egger and Flo Kaufmann from swiss collective [ a n y m a ]. This massive double installation creates a total audiovisual symbiosis with dozens of CTR televisions, for the most intense and fascinating laboratory for sensorial experimentations. This full setup has been shown at CERN, European Center for Nuclear Research, and in several Eastern European galeries while touring in 2017. Biblioteq Mdulair released their first LP in may 2018 with label Copypasta Editions and Aussenraum Records.

by repetition you start notiving details in the landscape biblioteq mdulair daniel maszkowicz

How do you turn a listening experience into the subject of an exhibition? How do you visually reproduce the idea that some music can be considered like painting with sounds, some films like compositions with light, and some paintings like scores whose music unfolds within us? How do you evoke forms and images that relate to the feeling of immersion within the space and time of an art gallery? By repetition, you start noticing details in the landscape is a quote by North American composer Terry Riley. It is the starting point of a project in the form of a constellation that reflects the emergence in the early 1960s in San Francisco and the Bay Area, of a music expanding into horizons and climates, fostered by the re-evaluation of the fundamental virtues of the sound phenomenon – psychophysical, spiritual and political – namely taking distance with the European academic heritage. Gathering close to fifty artists, the exhibition at Le Commun connects the works, films and archives of a group of historical personalities with works specifically produced for the occasion by upcoming artists. It also includes a selection of films at the Dynamo and Spoutnik cinemas, as well as concerts at the cave12, Alhambra and Théâtre du Galpon.

By repetition, you start noticing details in the landscape will be held in Geneva from 13 December 2019 to 19 January 2020.


In the early 1960s, a series of innovative experiments took shape at the crossroads of music and visual arts, dance, cinema and poetry, which were based on an unusual connection between the body and technology, nature and the media. Mainly collaborative and relating to the search for a community-based experience, their objective was to place the subject within a new situation, caught in a twofold movement, both centripetal and centrifugal. On the one hand, in connection with forms of subversion of norms and through a radical use of electronic tools, the aim was to open up the limits of the pieces –, artworks unfolding into their surroundings, films expanding in time and space, music compositions transmuting into waves and cycles. On the other hand, artists turned perception inward, the exploration of intimate landscapes, criticizing the modern reason, in particular by reducing formal language, opting for the uses of durational strategies, repetitive patterns, and specific vibrational frequencies, enabling a sense of attention and an act of listening that was transformative, individual as well as collective, and envisioned as a communal assemblage of experiences. •••