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FULGUR @ Mapping Festival 2022


The Mapping Festival takes over the KZERN, a former military barracks in Les Vernets converted into a socio-cultural venue, for three nights of performances and concerts on May 26, 27 and 28.

Three nights of madness from which you will not leave unscathed! The outdoor courtyard, the club and the geodesic dome will host at a steady pace new performances, giant mapping and mutant techno!

Saturday, May 28 program :

For the opening of this last night of the Mapping Festival 2022, Elephant Bar will take over the courtyard with its cosmic live. The Japanese Usaginingen will enchant you with their dreamlike show, followed by an augmented dance performance, created for the occasion, by Odonata, Tyrell and musician Jonas Margraf. David Chanel and Gamgie will then have you drifting through space in their audiovisual ritual, before C03BRA plays their immersive laser live show in the dome. Daniel Maszkowicz will electrocute himself with a Tesla coil, then Chris Tell’s hypnotizing holographic rotors will swirl one last time. The Koreans of Binder-a will take over the watchtower that night, with a spectacular mapping. The night will then go into slowrave mode, seeing Furka, Avem and Frida Darko follow one another as they gradually plunge you into the abyss until daybreak.

5pm : Elephant Bar (CH) // modular live
6pm : Usaginingen (JP) // BLACK KITE – PULSATION OF SOULS
7pm : Tyrell (BE), Odonata (CH) & Jonas Margraf (DE) // \ɔ̃\
20h : Gamgie (FR) & David-Alexandre Chanel (FR) // STELLAR DRIFT
9pm : C03RA (UY) // UBICUO
21h15 : Daniel Maszkowicz (CH) // FULGUR
9:30pm : Chris Thell (FR) // FLOWEЯPOWEЯ
21h45 : Binder-a (KR) // SALTATION PART II, ROSETTA
23h30 : Furka (CH) // slow techno
01h : Frida Darko (DE) // deep techno
03h – 5h30 : AVEM (CH) // abyssal techno