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GÉNÉRATEURS @ Källarn – Bilda, Umeå, January 4th 2018, 9pm


telluric drones // brainwaves // ambient noise

Daniel Maszkowicz works on SuperCollider with which he programs his own function generators. With his music, he creates a massive soundscape where frequencies merge into an intense magma of resonating waves, creating both an hypnotic atmosphere and vetiginous take off into space.

générateurs daniel maszkowicz bilda sweden umeå
photo by Daniel Maszkowicz
générateurs daniel maszkowicz bilda sweden umeå
photo by Erik Emanuelsson

Krister Mörtsell – Do you dream about Noise?

assette label distro

Erik “Jätten” Emauelsson

Jätten has made electronic (mostly) hardware music under various names since the mid-nineties and played all over scandinavia on events as Oslo breakfest and Norbergfestival. He is a part of the alternative dancemusic-collective liquid sky that makes some of the most appreciated dance events in västerbotten on a monthly basis. His music is inspired by a love for leftfield electronica, DUB, chiptunes, funk, house and techno from the eighties and early nineties and waltz. The biggest influence though is the gear itself, which makes the music quite uniqie since Jätten avoids to use overhyped instruments when making and performing music. The concerts are a mixture of written tunes and tracks being made on the spot based on the response from the audience and the setting.


Daniel Maszkowicz, 2015, 9min, experimental video
vimeo link

Video and sounds by Bilblioteq Mdulair

port acoustactile daniel maszkowicz biblioteq mdulair
courtesy of AcidLAB

Daniel Maszkowicz & John Baillie, 2014, 16min, experimental video
vimeo link

Secluded scientist with a shifted sense of reality wanders through the undergrounds of a large experiment facility in search for answers.

acid science underground daniel maszkowicz cern
courtesy of AcidLAB