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GUIA FEST! – MACAU – 6th to 20th June 2021

INFLUUT (Nat Cilia & Daniel Maszkowicz) and Robert Turner Collecive (Paul Turner & Louis-Hadrien Robert) take part in GUIA FEST! – Macau as a remote event that connects artists between Macau and Geneva, Switzerland.

Music played and recorded and green screen. Sound responsive video added in postprocessing. All sent to Macau for a screening with live improv by the Guia Experimental Band.

part of INFLUUT ASIA TOUR 2021 produced by SZKMD production
with the support of Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia and the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

Daniel Maszkowicz will also give an online beginners workshop on Sound Synthesis with SuperCollider.

Saturday 12th June
21.00 CST
15.00 CET

SuperCollider Beginner Workshop

This workshop aims to give the first tools to write, create and develop simple sound synthesizers within SuperCollider coding environment that is free and open-source. Few hours will be enough to understand the basic concepts and re-use examples that one can find among SuperCollider’s online community. Prior knowledge of programming is not necessary. Each Participant should bring a computer (Linux, MacOS, Windows) with an installation of the software that can be found on the following page:

The Workshop will be given by Daniel Maszkowicz from Geneva in Switzerland. More info can be found here

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 862 0656 8100

SuperCollider Workshop by Daniel Siemaszko given in Macau

Sunday 20th June
20.00 – 23.00 CST
Live Music Association

INFLUUT plays remote improv session with Artists from Macau.
We sent a video of a sound recording with visual effects by the Robert Turner Collective, the video will be played on stage with live artists improvising with us.

INFLUUT (Nat Cilia, Daniel Maszkowicz) is a duo from Switzerland playing electroacoustic jazz.The essence of their music takes origin in two opposite yet complementary approaches meet to explore instrumental harmonies and algorithmic synthesis.INFLUUT’s approach to composition leaves room for improvisation and electronically randomized sound events for building up a musical narrative that follows organic flows with a technological component.
The Robert Turner Collective from Switzerland provides the visual backdrop to INFLUUT’s sonic landscapes, creating a unified and immersive experience of post-jazz sound and algorithmically manipulated images.

INFLUUT and ROBERT TURNER COLLECTIVE, remote improv with Macau based musicians


It has been a while since the last Guia Experimental concert. During this time, the Guia Experimental team has been working relentlessly to bring you a whole new sound experience: GUIA FEST!

The 1st GUIA FEST! will be held
__ between 6 – 20 June
__ at 4 different venues in Macau
__ to create 4 different aural experiments

GUIA FEST! will be joined by musicians of different genres from Macau and also abroad. Let’s experience music and sound beyond our imagination in different activity formats.

__ Round 1__
Modular Synth Workshop
[6 Jun 2021__SUN__Cantonese]
Modular synth has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years but it’s just emerging here in Macau. The workshop features several local modular musicians, who during the event will showcase the diversity of modular synth and their skills in patching these instruments.

__ Round 2__
Sound Design Online Workshop
[12 Jun 2021__SAT__English]
Supercollider is a computer program mainly used for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition. The program was created by James McCartney in 1996 and has been highly respected by sound creators in different fields until today.
What is Supercollider? How do you use it to create the sounds you’ve been hiding in your head?
Experimental musician Daniel Maszkowicz, based in Switzerland, will teach you the principles and techniques in an online tutorial.

__ Round 3__
Sound and Cocktail
[13 Jun 2021__SUN]
Sound/alcohol has always been a part of urban life
And the city has always been full of alcohol/sound
In this event Guia Fest! is teaming up with the newly opened TWO MOONS to conduct an experiment fusing alcohol with sound. You are invited to witness, with your own eyes/ears/taste buds, a tailor-made sound-infused cocktail only for you.

__ Round 4__
GUIA Live!
[20 Jun 2021__SUN]
The closing concert of GUIA FEST! will feature a variety of local musicians stepping out of their comfort zone to bring you a whole new experience with unprecedented performance styles and formats!