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INFLUUT WORLD PREMIERE, International Symposium on Spatial Sound Arts, Seoul, Sept 6th-8th 2019

Electroacoustic jazz duo INFLUUT (Nat Cilia – saxophone, Daniel Maszkowicz – electronics) will present their debut piece ostĭum on a 24 channel soundsystem at The Symposium on Spatial Sound Arts, Seoul. Daniel Maszkowicz will also give a talk entitled “On Data Sonification and its Broad Interpretation in Science and Art: An example using SuperCollider with ATLAS Open Data Bank from CERN by Dr. James Beacham and Dr. Daniel Siemaszko (aka Daniel Maszkowicz)” this talk will feature sound examples and an original sonification piece.

daniel siemaszko data sonification talk seoul symposium on spatial art sound 2019
Seoul, photo by Nat Cilia

Organised by composer PyoungRyang Koh with support from several partners, it is perhaps the first major event of its kind – a festival/conference dedicated to 3D electroacoustic compositions – in South Korea. It all happens at Platform-L in Nonhyen-dong (central Gangnam). About 20 works will be featured, as installations and at three concerts with a 24-channel 3D playback. There are colloquia, seminars, and a workshop. Robin Minard is the guest of honour, and will hold a keynote speech and a workshop.


symposium sossas daniel maszkowicz nat cilia