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KOSMOSCORE live stream on BOILER MERDE 5th april 2020

psychoacoustics | brainwaves | ASMR noise | feedbacks


Daniel Maszkowicz works on SuperCollider, bringing together an infinity of digital function generators and synthesizers for his multi-channel soundscapes. With his music, he brings the audience into an immersive hypnotic atmosphere by merging brainwave frequencies and binaural effects into an intense magma of resonating waves. Low frequency beats, psychoacoustic synthesis and complex resonance patterns are the main ingredients of this illuminated scientist.

Daniel Maszkowicz is a power electronics engineer, music composer, cinema curator, film producer, and BDSM performer from Geneva – Switzerland. He is co-founder of electroacoustic music duo Biblioteq Mdulair, co-founder of performance collective SM Noise, and founder of SZKMD production. His solo psychoacoustic project (a.k.a Générateurs, Cosmos, Cosmic Sleep) takes several forms, from short and intense live concerts to long hypnotic marathon performances.