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RENAISSANCE, 2022 June 2-25, Le Commun Geneva

installations, performances, talks
June 2 – 25
Le Commun, Geneva

Consisting of a series of audiovisual installations, Renaissance is a collaboration between the electroacoustic jazz duo INFLUUT and the visual artists of the Robert Turner Collective. The works are an invitation to introspection and meditation and the algorithmic visual and aural abstractions coalesce into an immersive synesthetic whole.

The installations are accompanied by a programme of events including live performances, talks, additional installations, and a sleep concert festival. The invited artists, scientists and performers all offer works that resonate with the themes of the exhibition.

Through a transdisciplinary approach, the exhibition aims to demystify the general notion of “algorithm”. Adopting a positive and inclusive standpoint, Renaissance addresses themes often difficult to grasp in ways that are playful, didactic and intuitive.


Full programme here

Renaissance flyer
Renaissance programme
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