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electroacoustic | post jazz | organic sounds

INFLUUT duo daniel maszkowicz nat cilia
Black Cloud Kiev, photo by Sasha Kovalenko

INFLUUT (Nat Cilia – saxophone & voice, Daniel Maszkowicz – electronics & synthesis) is water and earth played by fire and air, the movement of invisible fluids and the breath in electricity, the perpetual flow of a river at its estuary, the entrance door for altered perceptions, the gateway between two multiverses, the passage between the undergrounds and overgrounds.

The essence of its music has an origin in the encounter of two souls with multiple faces and lives. Two opposite yet complementary approaches meet for exploring ways to organic harmonies and sound spatialization.

Their first ever composed piece ostĭum is constructed as an organic movement in five parts. It lets room to improvisation and electronically randomized sound events for building up a music narrative that follows cycles that may be found in nature. The final part is the calm after the storm. The relaxing melodies bring a soft and self-healing hypnosis putting the confused souls down to sleep. As dusk becomes night, the insects wake again and crawl down around the floor and the trees. This piece has been composed for The International Symposium on Spatial Sound Art in Seoul in 2019 and has been presented on a 24 channels sound system as a world premiere for INFLUUT.

INFLUUT’s first album ostĭum on BANDCAMP

INFLUUT’s first album ostĭum containing four original pieces built as organic movements, following cycles that may be found in nature together with a subtle and intriguing technological component.

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  • December 30th 2020 – ONLINE – INFLUUT with Robert Turner Collective, Kolonia Artystów, Gdańsk PL
    live performance with algorithmic visual effects
  • July 13th 2020 – Secret Venue, Geneva CH
    live performance
  • June 20th 2020 – Fête de la Musique – Pirate Party Secret Place, Genève CH
    open air show introducing new composition Elevator Song
  • April 4th 2020 – CANCELLED Hors Normes Festival, Le Pont CH
    live performance in quadriphony
  • March 2020 – INFLUUT ostĭum release ASIA TOUR 2020
    post-jazz explosion and album release tour in Macau, Hong Kong, Taipei, Hsinchu, Tainan, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Omiya, Yokohama, Tokyo and Sapporo

  • February 22nd 2020 – ostĭum release party, Urgence Disk, l’Usine, Geneva CH
    Release show of INFLUUT’s first album ostĭum
  • February 16th 2020 – ostĭum pre-release party, Sinestesia, Barcelona ES
    Release show of INFLUUT’s first album, event
  • December 19th 2019 – INFLUUT plays the Sonic Tree – Forde – l’Usine, Geneva CH
    live performance with spatialization on Sonic Tree – 16 channels sound installation by Daniel Maszkowicz, event
  • December 14th 2019 – Unko Demonia – l’Écurie, Geneva CH
    with 2M2 (Mei Zhiyong, Maxime Hänsenberger), crève chien, dj’s Chaotic Behaviors & Nure Onna, event
  • December 10th 2019 – 2M2/INFLUUT/ADRIEN HIRSBRUNNER – Bad Bonn, Duedingen CH
    From China to Switzerland. Electroacoustic & Experimental Noise Jazz, event
  • November 17th 2019 – The Kyiv International Biennial 2019 – Black Cloud, VCRC (Visual Culture Research Center), Kiev UA
    Live showcase of original piece Black Cloud, seminar and workshop on Data sonification with SuperCollider by Daniel Maszkowicz, event
  • September 6th-8th 2019 – INFLUUT WORLD PREMIERE, International Symposium on Spatial Sound Arts, Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, Seoul KR
    Live presentation of debut piece ostĭum with spatialization on a 24 channels soundsystem, seminar on Data sonification with SuperCollider by Daniel Maszkowicz, event
  • September 1st 2019 – Spoutnik Open Air, l’Usine, Geneva CH
    Public open-air reharseal before Seoul premiere

UPCOMING Tours and shows

Swiss Tour – Summer 2020 TBA


Nat Cilia (Nathalie Cecilia Pierrehumbert) brings the breath with her saxophone and contact microphones. She combines complex rhythmic patterns with subtle melodic phrases ranging from slow doom jazz to free and spontaneous composition. With loops, delays and spatial effects, the pure saxophone voice is combined together with surrounding screeches and howlings.
Nat Cilia is a Swiss/Spanish multidisciplinary graduated professional artist. She participated as an actress, dancer, composer, and musician (piano, saxophone, voice) to various shows, mainly in Switzerland, France and Spain, notably under the direction of Jean-Pierre Raffaelli, Roland Olbeter, Esterina Zarrillo and company La Fura dels Baus. She founded Ooops! Company, international company for corporal and visual theatre production alongside artist Kristina Orlovic with whom she created several productions (Libre & Orphic). She works now on her multidisciplinary creation INTUITO with her own company Nat Cilia.

Nat Cilia Nathalie Cecilia Pierrehumbert
© Nat Cilia

Daniel Maszkowicz (Daniel Siemaszko) works with SuperCollider, bringing together digital generators and synthesizers for multi-channel soundscapes. He merges brainwave frequencies with binaural effects, and low frequency beats with psychoacoustic synthesis, creating intense yet introspective atmospheres stimulating some auditory sensory meridian response.
Daniel Maszkowicz is a power electronics engineer, music composer, cinema curator, film producer, and performer from Geneva, Switzerland. He is co-founder of electroacoustic duo Biblioteq Mdulair, co-founder and producer of performance collective SM Noise, founder of SZKMD production for cinema sound design and experimental music. His solo project Kosmoscore (a.k.a Générateurs, Cosmos, Cosmic Sleep) takes several forms, from short and intense live concerts to long hypnotic marathon sleep performances. He is tutoring about SuperCollider and Data Sonification through internationally recognized seminars and workshop, and presented several algorithmic sound installations.

Daniel Maszkowicz
© Daniel Maszkowicz