Category: RöstiBrücke Electroacoustic Cabaret

Yearly trans-linguistic exchange programme for sound artists in Switzerland that started in 2022. Sound Cabaret event taking place in various cities around March-April, giving the opportunity for Switzerland based artists to travel in the country.
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RöstiBrücke 2024 Electroacoustic Cabaret

In seven venues of four linguistic regions, with thirty artists from all over Switzerland, we organize a series of polymorphic performances that allow the possibility of experimenting with new sounds and new spaces. As in a cabaret, the public attends a series of proposals, merging genres and sensitivities, with sound poetry as the only common thread.

RöstiBrücke 2023 Electroacoustic Cabaret

RöstiBrücke 2023 is the second part of an annual series of trans-linguistic-regional music exchange in Switzerland. Initiated right after the pandemic, this dialogue in performance and sound arts builds bridges between venues and artists. Cave12 and the Walcheturm pioneered by taking part in 2022. For this 2023 edition, we managed to break through the Gotthard with Oggimusica and Foce in Lugano. We were also able to establish a trans-Jurassic connection with Centre Culturel ABC in La-Chaux-de-Fonds and Kaserne in Basel with Klappfon.

Ronosterabak Röstibrücke 2022

Ronosterabak Röstibrücke 2022 in collaboration with Cave12 and Walcheturm, an initiative by SZKMD production, with the support of Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia and the Republic and Canton of Geneva. With Feldermelder, JMO, Jonathan Frigeri, Léon Jodry, INFLUUT, Kokhlias & Loulan, Maspin feat. Purpura, Dave Phillips, Vincent Glanzmann, Strotter Inst & Flo Kaufmann, Zimmermann/Lienhard, mm+tt