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primitive electronics | hypnotic noise | brain dance

Biblioteq Mdulair is an orchestra made of some 15 analogue function generators for four hands played by polish/swiss/french duet Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz. With its oscilloscopes, sinusoidals, and frequency sweeps, this sound installation produces all kind of waveforms, exploring vibrations, tickeling resonances, and creating breathing beats. Those primitive electronics machines bring the soundspace down to a magma of waves for a dizzying acoustactile experience.

Bringing the fundamental acoustic waveform to the front stage so it can be experienced by the body and mind, each performance has a storyline with a scenario that allows the two artists to freely improvise from one chapter to another. The public that enters this intense and fascinating laboratory for sensorial experimentations is brought down to various atmospheres from a soft stroll to an earthquake.

biblioteq mdulair synkie koln
Photo by Daniel Maszkowicz

Biblioteq Mdulair is mostly a music instrument, but the collective often collaborates with the analogue modular video synthesizer SYNKIE, driven by its creators Michael Egger, Max Egger and Flo Kaufmann from collective [ a n y m a ]. This massive double installation creates a total audiovisual symbiosis, with dozens of CTR televisions in the space, and has been shown at CERN, European Center for Nuclear Research, at Cave12 in Geneva and all throughout eastern Europe while touring in 2017. They released their first LP in may 2018 with label Copypasta Editions and Aussenraum Records.

Biblioteq Mdulair primitive electronics brain dance
Geneva – Photo by Jean-François Delangre


Radio International: Episode 1
The sound is clearly primary, w/ Biblioteq Mdulair and Synkie

Biblioteq Mdulair & Synkie, gdansk kolonia artystow, eastern tour
Gdansk – photo by Daniel Maszkowicz
  • December 20th 2019 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, By Repetition You Start Noticing Details in the Landscape, Cinéma Spoutnik, Geneva CH
    audiovisual performance, event
  • November 2nd 2019 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, [ a n y m a ], Fribourg CH
    audiovisual performance for the 20th aniversary of [ a n y m a ], event
  • December 11th 2018 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, reiheM, Köln DE
    audiovisual performance, event
  • November 20th 2018 – makaronic pem#9 – réflection/s, Cinéma Spoutnik, Geneva CH
    sound live performance, event
  • October 24th 2018 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, Marseille underground Film & Music Festival, Vidéodrome 2, Marseilles FR
    audiovisual performance, youtube, event
  • October 23th 2018 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, 102, Grenoble, FR
    audiovisual performance
    showcase and album release, event
  • May 6th 2018 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, Primitive Electronics Brain Dance RELEASE PARTY, Cave 12, Geneva CH
    audiovisual installation and live performance, event
  • April 19th 2018 – Südpol, Lucern, CH
    sound live performance, event
  • January 19th 2018 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, MuseumNacht, Klappfon präsentiert:, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel CH
    audiovisual installation and live performance, event
  • January 4th 2018, Källarn – Bilda, Umeå SE
    “Port Acoustactile – soundtrack by Biblioteq Mdulair”, film screening, vimeo, event
  • December 10th 2017 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, Kino Climates Melting Pots, Cinéma Nova, Bruxelles BE
    audiovisual installation and live performance, event, Kino Climates
  • December 3rd 2017 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, lokal-int, Bienne CH
    audiovisual installation and live performance, soundcloud, event
  • September 2017 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE

    Total audiovisual symbiosis brought to Leipzig, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw, Gdańsk and Berlin.
    Produced by COPYPASTA éditions & [ a n y m a ]
    Suported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Moscow

  • July 31st 2017, Bruit ne se taira pas, Malagnou, Genève CH
    sound installation and live performance, soundcloud, event
  • May 29th 2017 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, Urgence Disk, L’Usine, Genève CH
    audiovisual installation and live performance, youtube, event
  • May 21st 2017, Frode Café – Forde, L’Usine, Genève CH
    “The World Question Center”, live soundtrack performance, soundcloud, event
  • May 5th 2017, one gee in fog, Genève CH
    “ROBOTA ! ROBOTA !”, reading live performance, soundcloud, event
  • March 30th 2017, Trou de Ver – Archives du futur, Galerie Topic, Genève CH
    “BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR feat. Dmitry Golubovskiy joue TITIN”, vernissage, installation and live soundtrack marathon performance, vimeo, soundcloud, event
  • November 16th 2016, Musik & Biblioteq, Écurie, Genève CH
    installation and live performance, soundcloud, event
  • October 27th 2016, Ondulor#16, Walden, Genève CH
    installation and live performance in collaboration with D.C.P, soundcloud, event
  • October 19th-22nd 2016, Lausanne Underground Music & Film Festival (LUFF), Lausanne CH
    four days installation and daily live reading performance transmitted on LUFF.FM, soundcloud, youtube, event
  • May 14th 2016, Sonorectures, Zona Mutante, Genève CH
    “Lectures de la quatrième dimension”, installation and live reading performance, vimeo, event
  • March 4th 2016 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, Gathering for Open Source Hardware, CERN, Genève CH
    audiovisual installation and live performance, vimeo, event
  • November 6th 2015, Das Model Night, Cave 12, Genève CH
    “DAS MDEL – soundtrack by Biblioteq Mdulair”, film screening, soundcloud, vimeo
  • June 17th 2015 – BIBLIOTEQ MDULAIR & SYNKIE, Cave 12, Genève CH
    audiovisual installation and live performance, vimeo, event
  • May 31st 2015, Goûter Merveilleux, Zoo – Usine, Genève CH
    installation and live performance, soundcloud, event
  • April 1st-5th 2015, Deviant Art Festival (DAF), Genève CH
    “Lit sonore”, four days installation and continuous live massage performance marathon, event
biblioteq mdulair emma souharce daniel maszkowicz
Geneva – photo by Alvaro Romero
Biblioteq Mdulair & Synkie, kiev VCRC, eastern tour
Kiev – photo by Daniel Maszkowicz