Seven artists from Japan, Vietnam, Australia and Switzerland performing in six venues in Hoà Bìhn, Hà Nội, Huế and Sài Gòn

KAZEHITO SEKI (JP) is an artist using amplification for voice. Voiz set is played just with one or two microphones and NO electronic FX. Working on the sound produced from the vocal organ in broader and more concrete sense, gives new meaning to what voice can do such as singing, talking, etc. The wide spectrum flickers in subtle ambience, intense silence and brutal harsh noise within a microsecond.

Self Toxication is another project that abstracts the “voice” and forms into deeper levels of sound. The toxin is over amplified in stereo channels which oscillate between sound system and the physical voice, is cut into parts and messes up at the top speed of harsh noise.

. . . (CH) Since his twenties, the being behind the soundless moniker . . . (also known as Nikola H. Mounoud) process in real time; analog, digital and hybrid feedbacks in order to produce unique, powerful and highly dynamic live performances where irresponsible noise, unexpected dense sonic blasts, total non-sense and deep irrationality meets allowing the audience to absorb the unleashed raw beauty of the frequencies wrath. For more details, here is a good start

SHAYNE BOWDEN (AUS) Sound artist and curator, based in Sydney and Fukuoka City, Japan. director of deterra which is an arts coordinating project and music label. In 2008 he started the annual AGAINST Fukuoka Extreme Music/Film Festival. He has performed in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and the U.S. He has recorded and performed with Nick Hoffman, Guilty C, Anla Courtis, Bastard Noise, Anthony Guerra, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama and Rob Mayson.

DAO ANH KHANH (VN) a surrealist, is an internationally recognized leader among Asian artists who are breaking away from traditional, stylistic, and political constraints. His mind knows no limits, escaping to the outer reaches of the universe in search of tranquility, and finding explosions of renewed personal energy on the way. He is the consummate romanticist, hearing musical instruments and enchanting strains even in the most violent windstorms or disturbances at sea. Dao Anh Khanh is an avowed environmentalist, sculptor, performing artist, musician and painter. His paintings are in lacquer on canvas as well as lacquer on wood.

MASZKOWICZ (CH) power electronics engineer, curator, and noise artist brings a deep and long galactic dive for a vertiginous space and time travel into consciousness. The artist-engineer produces a powerful sound by using multi-channel expansion and precisely tuned frequencies for creating binaural beats and hypnotic brainwaves. SOUNDCLOUD.

CLEMYDIA (CH) brings together harsh glitch noise produced by contact microphones and feedback effects for a witch noise ritual with screaming feedbacks and action body noise. SOUNDCLOUD

FU (CH), with eir impressive sounds and intriguing sets, builds immersive soundscapes with hypnotic beats and subtle melodies. Eir machines and sequencers bring together raw chaotic sounds with well controlled feedbacks and drones, like a deep breath of psychoactive and colorful fumes, strong and caring at the same time. SOUNDCLOUD


  • July 13th 2018 – Gam Troi Valley, Hoà Bìhn

    Grand Choeur Noise – noise singing improvisation
    . . . (aka Nikola Mounoud) – harsh glitch noise
    Clemydia & Maszkowicz – Intense brainwaves and feedbacks
    FU – brain groove
    Shayne Bowden – Drum improvisation

  • July 14th 2018 – HA!noise #005 – DeN, Hà Nội

    HA!noise is the only music event inviting everyone to enjoy an evening of live sonic excursion through cut-up harsh noise, contemporary, HNW, improvised, concrete, noizvoiz, abstract, industrial, acoustics, drone, ambiant, doom, avant-garde, sludge, fkcd-up, hifi-glitch, heavy, gore, unstructured, dreamy, happy, arrogant, neo-burlesque, breakcore, slomo, no input, electroacoustic, academicless, selfish, absurd, stochastic, IDM, deathvoice, braindance, gabba, broken, numbcore, power electronics, un-classical, shitgore, funky-dada, untraditionnal skull fuck rainbow and hip-flop. Well, you get it…
    All true original / underground / independent / insane / freeform musicS have a home in our beloved Hanoi with a beautiful and ideal set-up on the idyllic West-lake !

    Kazehito Seki & Shayne Bowden (duo from Japan/Australia)
    . . . (from Switzerland)
    numbfoot & Dao Anh Khanh (duo from Hanoi)
    The RedRum Suspension – Fu, Clemydia & Maszkowicz (trio from Switzerland)

  • July 15th 2018 – A NIGHT OF SONIC WONDERS – Goethe Institut, Hà Nội, event

    Artistic initiative from Switzerland.

    For the very first time in Hanoi and Vietnam, six high profile artists are going to delight our senses and blow any expectations with their respective works in the field of contemporary sound art and performance.

    A truly rare and unique occasion to meet up with very established artists, internationally acknowledged and active in different parts of the world. Be welcome and join the concert, discover latest forms of sonic expression.

    Kazehito Seki
    Clemydia & Maszkowicz
    Shayne Bowden
    . . . (aka Nikola H.Mounoud) & Dance improvisation by Dao Anh Khanh

  • Clemydia & Maszkowicz soundloud recording

  • July 19th 2018 – Then Café, Huế

    Kazehito Seki
    . . . (aka Nikola Mounoud)
    Fu, Clemydia & Maszkowicz with voice improvisation by Jood Jung (TH)


  • July 21st 2018 – VMR – Viet Music Reunion – Seoul Art Pub, Sài Gòn

  • nikola moundoud vmr vietnam music reunion seoul art pub saigon
    photo by Daniel Maszkowicz

  • July 22nd 2018 – The Gang Does Power Electronics, Cù Rú Bar, Sài Gòn, event

    In association with SZKMD, Rắn Cạp Đuôi would like like to invite you to an evening of drunken desperation which is more than we deserve. something about monster trucks
    i dont know
    i dont recall
    we’ll know who the real ones are when they come, no fake friends up in here

    Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective
    Clemydia & Maszkowicz
    … (aka Nikola Mounoud)
    Kazehito Seki