Three venues in three states for three days between Boston and New-York. Clemydia & Maszkowicz is a duo from Geneva – Switzerland, playing ambient drone, brainwaves and ASMR. Their music is very contemplative yet intense and makes use of several glitch and feedback effects with the purpose of creating highly hypnotic and introspective atmospheres.

  • September 1st 2018 – Willimantic Records, Willimantic CT

    West Street Trio – link
    Angelsbreath/watchabke Wildlife duo – link
    Gannon/Larocca/Perreault trio
    Clemydia & Maszkowicz – link

  • September 2nd 2018 – Outpost 186, Cambridge MA

    West Street Trio – link
    Angelsbreath – link
    L’eclipse Nue – link
    Clemydia & Maszkowicz – link

  • September 3rd 2018 – H0L0, Queens NY

    Federico Balducci + Norman Westberg – link
    Second Seasons – link
    Searmanas – link
    Clemydia & Maszkowicz – link
    Emma Souharce – link


telluric drones | brainwaves | ASMR noise

Daniel Maszkowicz works on SuperCollider with which he brings together an infinity of digital function generators. With his music, he creates a massive polyphonic and multichannel soundscape where frequencies merge into an intense magma of resonating waves, bringing the audience into an immersive hypnotic atmosphere. The low frequency beats synchronised with natural brainwaves and molecular resonance patterns, allow a vertiginous take off into consciousness. Powerful sounds made of psychoacoustic synthesis and feedbacks that turn around and collide in the acoustic space are the main ingredients prepared by this illuminated scientist.



witch noise ritual | screaming feedbacks | action body noise

Clemydia is a pluridiciplinary artist involved in the underground noise scene in Geneva. She’s part of several action noise projects such as SM NOISE and The RedRum Suspension, for which she uses throat, contact microphones and feedbacks for bringing the sounds to an grueling intensity. She also performs on stage as a pro-sex feminist.