Ronosterabak is series of music shows presented in the form of a sound cabaret that merges genres and sensitivities. In a setup where the venue becomes the stage, the public is invited to take the voyage from one atmosphere to another.

Röstibrücke has the ambition of establishing a contact between Züreich and Genferei, with artists from there playing here and vice versa. This is the first event of its kind, and it will become a yearly rendez-vous with more Swiss linguistic regions, artists and venues included for a growing exchange platform.

Ronosterabak Röstibrücke 2022 in collaboration with Cave12 and Walcheturm, an initiative by SZKMD production, with the support of Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia and the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

Limited edition silk print artwork by Thomas Perrodin

RöstiBrücke 2022 - Electroacoustic Cabaret - Tech and Soundcheck

This radio show is a report on the first edition of Röstibrücke

ACT I : Kunstraum Walcheturm
Zürich – 11 March 2022 – 20h


Feldermelder (Manuel Oberholzer) – digital soundscapes
JMO (Julie Semoroz) – electronics and field recordings
Jonathan Frigeri – lo-fo magic and poesia sonoras
Léon Jodry – speakers and electronics


Nat Cilia – saxophone, voice and metallic objects
Daniel Maszkowicz – electronics and synthesis
Kokhlias & Loulan
Olga Kokcharova – field recording and electroacoustics
Antoine Läng – voice and megaphones
Maspin feat. Purpura
Jamasp Jhabvala – violin and effets
Andrea Nucamendi – power electronics

ACT II : La Cave12
Genève – 25 March 2022 – 21h


Vincent Glanzmann – creative drums
Dave Phillips – action noise hero


Strotter Inst & Flo Kaufmann
Christoph Hess – self-made instruments
Flo Kaufmann – more self-made instruments
Zimmermann/Lienhard plays “kaputt”
Tizia Zimmermann – accordion
Pablo Lienhard – no-input mixer
Shuyue Zhao – screams and electronics
Tizia Zimmermann – more screams and electronics

After Party

NuRe OnnA – chilly noisy set