Daniel Maszkowicz
China Vietnam Tour 2024

KosmoSCore / Kosmosmoniun
Data Sonification Live / SuperCollider Workshop

Trip with several goals among which Research and Diffusion of various music and workshop projects. Daniel Maszkowicz was invited by Festival A bunch of Noise in Shanghai, opportunity for a Chinese tour presenting mostly KosmoSCore. The proximity with Hong Kong and Macau, will allow to show for the first time Data Sonification live, together with an invited workshop at City University of Hong Kong. This project will be presented in several venues, galleries and residencies in Vietnam.

With the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS

KosmoSCore Blitz, 2024中国巡演
2.4 Beijing 北京, Raw Material Space 原料空间, KosmoSCore
3.4 Cangzhou 沧州, No.75 河沿便利店 KosmoSCore
4.4 Shanghai 上海, Festival A Bunch of Noise 把噪音 Workshop SuperCollider
5.4 Shanghai 上海, Festival A Bunch of Noise 把噪音 KosmoSCore Blitz
7.4 Guangzhou 广州, Fond De L‘Étang 池塘之底 KosmoSCore
8.4 Hong Kong 香港, Twenty Alpha Data Sonification Live
9.4 Hong Kong 香港, CityU 香港城市大學 Workshop SuperCollider
10.4 Shenzhen 深圳, brown sugar jar 红糖罐 KosmoSCore
11.4 Macau 澳門, Whisky Bar Data Sonification Live
Việt Nam
12.4 Saigon Sài Gòn Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, MoT+++ Kosmosmonium
13.4 Saigon Sài Gòn Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, MoT+++ Workshop SuperCollider
14.4 Da Lat Đà Lạt, Cù Rú bar Workshop SuperCollider + Kosmosmonium
15.4 Huê, AirHue Kosmosmonium
16.4 Huê, AirHue Workshop SuperCollider
17.4 Danang, Fugu (Mutant Lounge) Kosmosmonium
20.4 Hanoi Hà Nội , Harsh [REC] Data Sonification Live