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Sonification of Data in a very broad meaning for art and/or science purpose, including (but not exclusively) Scientific Data Sonification, Sonification of Essays and Concepts, Conferences Talks with Sound Examples, and Algorithmics.



What is the difference between data driven music and data sonification?

Gathering Data from the web in these times of confinement pushed me the learn and develop my skills in Python and SuperCollider. What better fresh and hot data can we get in these times of Covid-19 pandemics for practicing Data Sonification.

Covid-19 Pandemic Reader is scanning the progression in each country and displays it both visually and sonically, offering a supplementary dimension in a sociological dimension, both esthethic and informative.

No Fly Free Zone was a first collaborative attempt of creating an automated soundtrack for a reading of air transport restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic.

  • May 15th 2020 – Covid-19 Pandemic Reader, Data Sonification by Daniel Maszkowicz
    Collection of Data for Covid-19 pandemic progression in the world, full page, video

  • April 27th 2020 – No Fly Free Zone, by Sam Lavigne and Mari Bastashevski, Data Sonification by Daniel Maszkowicz
    Visualization and Sonification from IATA (International Air Transport Association) data related to airline restrictions due to Covid-19 pandemic, full page


When sound esthetics meet science and technology.

  • November 17th 2019 – On Data Sonification and its Broad Interpretation in Science, Art and Surveillance, Black Cloud – Kyiv Biennal, The House of Cinema, Kiev UA
    Conference and Workshop with relation to surveillance and Big Data, event
  • Septembre 8th 2019 – On Data Sonification and its Broad Interpretation in Science and Art: An example using SuperCollider with ATLAS Open Data Bank from CERN by Dr. James Beacham and Dr. Daniel Siemaszko (aka Daniel Maszkowicz), International Symposium on Spatial Sound Arts, Platform-L, Seoul KR
    Talk featuring sound examples and an original sonification piece, event