Cie Intuitio·Hilarè presents

una e mille 一人と千人
physical theatre, puppets, live music and video.
for one puppeteer and one musician.
Created and performed by Nat Cilia and Ilaria Olivari.
Original music: Nat Cilia

Produced by SZKMD production with the support of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, FSRC/SRKS and Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS

What interests us: research into physical theater, body language and silence as universal language. Nat Cilia & Ilaria Olivari

JAPAN 2023

22 sept · Usaginingen Teshima Theater · Teshimakarato
24 sept · artist-run-space merdre · Fuchu
29 sept · hisomine · Omiya

una e mille

Two women study in the solitude of a library. The space gradually fills up with characters who emerge from the books, real or imaginary, part of themselves or the perception of the people around them… But how many characters are there? Sometimes one, sometimes none, sometimes a hundred thousand!

Inspired by the work of Luigi Pirandello (Italian writer, poet, novelist, short-story writer and playwright born in 1897, and author of “Uno, nessuno e centomila”). Pirandello worked on

the themes of the double and the perception of others, the conscious and the unconscious, social masks, in the cultural atmosphere that saw the birth of Jungian psychoanalysis.

Nat Cilia

Nat Cilia is a multidisciplinary artist. She participated as an actress, dancer, composer, and musician (piano, saxophone, voice) to various production, mainly in Switzerland, France and Spain, notably with the direction of Jean-Pierre Raffaelli, Roland Olbeter, Esterina Zarrillo and company La Fura dels Baus. She founded Ooops! Company, international company for corporal and visual theatre production alongside artist Kristina Orlovic with whom she created several productions ( She works now on her multidisciplinary creation INTUITO and electroacoustic jazz duo INFLUUT.

Ilaria Olivari

Ilaria works as a performer, director and maker of puppets and masks. She also teaches physical theatre and body puppetry. She researches artistic pedagogy in the fields of dance and mime at the University of Bologna. She has a degree in Arts Disciplines, Music and Performing Arts from the University of Bologna, and Moveo, Technique Etienne Decroux, in Barcelona. She is currently studying Psychological Sciences and Techniques at Cesena and runs her own company Hilarè.