RonosTerabak #1 – Semoroz/Souharce

Séance d’écoute dimanche 11 octobre 2020
15 artistes – 9 sets
entrée prix libre
ouverture des portes 15h
fin 20h
after à la cave 12 dès 21h

Le Pneu – Vldr
rue du Vélodrome 18 – 1205 Genève


Acoustic drones

Loïc Grobéty

During this obscure or even uncertain period, the pieces of – Sombre – offer his sound vision of the moment. He creates epic, powerful and avant-garde landscapes within the confines of doom, drone and noise

16h30 KUDETA
MDLR synthesizer : Ricardo da Silva
Guitar & Electronics : Sébastien Chaignat

Kudeta est un duo de musiciens évoluant dans la fange du cosmos musical. D’abord expressifs visuellement, Ryk et Seb développent des cinématiques sonores depuis 2010 comme autant de travellings sonores entrecoupés d’éclairs. Kaosmose anthropo-machinique du soulèvement planétaire et ode à la vie.

Performance : NuR et Beau
Body Sonification : Daniel Maszkowicz

Hang, hold and drones

17h30 MASPIN feat. PURPURA
Violon & Power Electronics

Maspin is a violin solo project, mix of rock, ambient, noise and balkan influences, evoking various landscapes. His collaboration with Purpura is bringing abstract electronic and heavy beats into the loop, in a neverending ritual full of hisses, clamors, seisms and smoke.

applied spatial geomorphology
vibrational phenomena & ear-voice

расплывчатость терминов
vazio rugindo

turvação de termos
выйди на улицу

vá lá fora ревущая пустота

feche a porta
закрой дверь

18h30 NOIJZU
Shuyue Zhao, Clarinet (CH, CN)
Luis Sanz, Computer Music (CH, PE)

Noijzu is a Swiss experimental unit formed by Shuyue Zhao and Luis Sanz. The duo focuses on acoustic sounds and computer-generated sonic entities. Noijzu blends bass clarinet with digital signals, the result consists of extreme acoustic dynamics, complex and hyperreal textures, ranging from minimal to extreme and confrontational sound expressions.

Electrifeeding Voice (JP)

Noise musician, acoustic acupuncturist, or whatsoever. Titled Self Toxication is Kazehito’s solo musical project. His in-the-moment, site-specific live experiments that utilise the organic materials and catalysts of his body, mind, extended voice, amplification, feedback through re-amplification, room acoustics, and the existence of the audience (if there is one,) creating an observation on what noise music can be. Noise music (art) is a possibility for spectra instead of binaries. Nothing is good or bad without setting a specific context – observing something, there is always another point of view.

aaaah noise (FR, CH)

The two artists have been collaborating since 2018 with the duo Effraction Vacances, an improvised live play format based on mainstream pop music from the 1990/2000 – different each time – setting it up as a decomposed sculpture. For this new form, Semoroz and Souharce are focusing on the possibilities of nested different timings in live, playing on large dynamic ranges inspired by both Instagram culture and drone music.