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SONIC TREE at Kolonia Artystów – Gdańsk – Online vernissage 11.12.2020

Multi-Channel Interactive Sound Installation by Daniel Maszkowicz

produced by SZKMD production and Kolonia Artystów
with the support of Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia and the Republic and Canton of Geneva

28.11.2020 – 29.12.2020
Vernissage 28.11.2020
Online Vernissage 11.12.2020 on
Online Finissage with INFLUUT 30.12.2020 on

Sonic Tree Daniel Maszkowicz Kolonia Artytow Gdansk

The exhibition takes place in the frame of project OPEN – Otwarte Projekty Eksperymentów Narracyjnych (Open Projects in Experimental Narratives). OPEN works on a continuity of innovative projects towards open artistic narratives, specifically in the field of visual and sound arts, aiming at presenting current movements in contemporary art.

Project supported by the City of Gdańsk
Graphic design by WEDZICKA
Curated by Sylwester Gałuszka
Organized by Kolonia Artystów
Partner: Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts
Media support: Notes na 6 tygodni / Nowe idzie od morza / Glissando

Kolonia Artystów/Artists colony
aleja Grunwaldzka 51
80-241 Gdańsk

Sonic Tree is a metallic structure in a room of concrete, contrasting with the organic movements it incarnates. Its virtual neuron cells exchange electric signals, and its metallic cells propagate sound faster than in the air. Just like any tree, it offers a comforting shelter with the sounds of insects and the soft brease in its leaves.

This sound installation features an autonomous audio dedicated programmable processor containing the algorithms for the real-time processing of audio signals. This processor allows controlling sixteen independent channels, each of them driving sixteen small active speakers distributed alongside the branches of the tree. A small piezoelectric contact microphone place at the top of the trunk allows amplifying the sounds produced by the movements of the metallic chains.

An artificial neural network has been implemented with sixteen neurons, each of them corresponding to one audio channel. The signal emitted by each neuron results from a matrix combination which coefficients reflect the sound interactions in the network. The original sound source comes from the contact microphone, and is processed by the neuron network for an effect of an organic movement through the branches of the tree.