Immersive waves sent to Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Macau, Phnom Penh and Đáo Xuân Festival – Gầm Trời Valley in Vietnam
produced by Copypasta edition and SZKMD production
with the support of Pro Helvetia, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, and Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS

Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz usually play together with their primitive electronics orchestra Biblioteq Mdulair. With these machines – mostly laboratory analogue generators – they initiated together their way through improvised contemporary electroacoustic music. Their respective solo projects pursue a research in physical and psychoacoustic effects of frequencies on the body and subconscious emotions. As both musicians move their way with their own references and experiences, their path often meet in a complementary way.

Emma Souharce
symbiotic drones | noisy-micro-machines | immersive landscapes

Emma Souharce is a sound artist who composes her pieces by the light of candles. Crackles, caresses, screams of micro-machines and circuit struggles, Emma Souharce sculpts precise and intense archaeological footprints in the sound material. Through immersive landscapes, she weaves links between ritual and music, with the secret ambition of reaching complete symbiotic states. Her daily life is also animated by collaborative projects which the analogical orchestra Biblioteq Mdulair (co-founded with Daniel Maszkowicz) is part. Emma Souharce is also active in La Reliure collective and the publishing house Copypasta created in 2012. Emma Souharce lives and works in Geneva.


Daniel Maszkowicz
telluric drones | brainwaves | ASMR noise

Daniel Maszkowicz works on SuperCollider, bringing together an infinity of digital function generators for multi-channel soundscape. With his music, he brings the audience into an immersive hypnotic atmosphere, by merging brainwave frequencies and binaural effects into an intense magma of resonating waves. Low frequency beats, psycho-acoustic synthesis and molecular resonance patterns are the main ingredients and inspiration of this illuminated scientist.
Daniel Maszkowicz is a power electronics engineer, music composer, cinema curator, film producer, and bdsm performer from Geneva – Switzerland. He is co-founder of electroacoustic music duo Biblioteq Mdulair, co-founder of performance collective SM Noise, and founder of SZKMD production. His solo project Cosmos (a.k.a Générateurs, Kosmos, Cosmic Sleep) takes several forms, from short and intense live concerts to long hypnotic marathon performances.


Maszkowicz and Souharce
South East Asia Tour 2019

  • March 13th 2019 – Psychoacoustic drone immersion, Maispace, Chiang Mai, Thaïland

  • daniel maszkowicz emma souharce

  • March 14th 2019 – Music Synthesis with SuperCollider – Workshop by Daniel Maszkowicz (Beginner Level), Maispace, Chiang Mai, Thaïland

  • This workshop aims to give the first tools to write, create and develop simple sound synthesizers within SuperCollider coding environment that is free and open-source. Few hours will be enough to understand the basic concepts and re-use examples that one can find among SuperCollider’s online community. Each Participant should bring a computer (Linux, MacOS, Windows) with an installation of the software that can be found on the following page:

  • March 16th 2019 – Noise to Signal 0.53: Psychosonic Underground, SAAL, Hong Kong

  • Sound as the royal road to the Unconscious…
    Infiltrating multiple layers of the conscious mind, finely crafted electronic sound & noise, in the European and Cantonian tradition, open up the realm where the Ego transits into the Unconscious…
    Reaching a collective dream state, at which the Shadow can be observed safely in a distance…
    Please note that this will be a 2 hours performative journey without intermission.
    Dennis Wong / Gary Myles Duo (Post-noise / Electronics)
    TORSION (Concrete drone / Electronics)
    Emma Souharce (Hypnagogic sound / Electronics)
    Daniel Maszkowicz (Psychoacoustic synthesis / Electronics)

  • March 17th 2019 – Guia Experimental Macau Live #4LMA (Live Music Association), Macau

  • Guia Experimental Present: #N4
    Artists from Switzerland (CH)
    Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz
    From Hong Kong (HK)
    Vinc Kwok
    From Macau (MO)

  • March 19th 2019 – Towards the Future: Exhibit Opening & Experimental Concert, Metahouse (Goethe Institut), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • 6PM: ART EXHIBITION – Meta House is moving to a new location in May 2019. The last show at the curent space will be a collection of drawings, paintings and photographs, conceived by renowned local and international artists. Please be our guests for the opening of “TOWARDS THE FUTURE!”. 8PM: CONCERT – Emma Souharce and Daniel Maszkowicz.

  • March 23rd 2019 – ĐÁO XUÂN FESTIVALGầm Trời Valley, Hoà Bìhn, Vietnam

    Dao Xuan Chin International Arts Festival is an eclectic 24 hour arts festival
    hosted by Vietnam’s own contemporary artist Dao Anh Khanh. The festival will showcase live performance art, installation art, music, dance, poetry and more. Khanh made a vow in his younger years to always make people’s experience of art free of charge, and that is something he wants to pursue with his Dao Xuan festivals and thus Dao Xuan Chin will be free of tickets as well.