produced by SZKMD production
with the support of Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia and the Republic and Canton of Geneva

Kosmoscore Blitz is a hectic performance that uses electric and electromagnetic fields. The composition contains several loops within its loops that intertwine organically, while evoking physical elements and various complementary sonic and visual experience. With his synthetic and metallic sounds, analogue electronics feedbacks, immersive soundscapes, and a Tesla Coil, Daniel Maszkowicz invites you to his sensory laboratory.

Daniel Maszkowicz works with SuperCollider and electrical machines that were once used in laboratories. He creates multichannel sound layers in which his audience immerse with a subtle hypnosis made of low frequency immersions and synthetic brainwaves. This artist scientist qualitatively studies psychoacoustic and binaural effects on consciousness, with a specific orientation towards the use of electricity.

“Electricity is what separates us from animals” – Thurston Moore

Daniel Maszkowicz (PL-CH) – Kosmoscore Blitz
psychoacoustics | feedbacks | electricity

  • 12th May – Atmosphere, Sound Crue, Sapporo
    with Yohei Kisaka and Tasmania
  • 14th May – groovebox8000, Forestlimit, Tokyo
    with Potar, Dana Ollestad, Chaase, Naoki Nomoto + Yousuke Fuyama
  • 20th May – Discharge, Environment Zero-Gauge, Osaka
    with Nobuhiro Okahashi, 杉浦こずえ, うみと雪乃のハルジオン[眼], Junya Hirano
  • 21st May – CITY KARAS2022 (noise/junk/cold dance), Socrates, Kyoto
    with family, kanda(oboo), and aniquilación
  • 22nd May – 時はきた それだけだ, Soup, Tokyo
    Nobuki Nishiyama × Ritsuko Sakata (Motor bike DJ set)
    MAI MAO feat. Yutsuki Suyama (liquid drop painting)
    ハニカム工業 (Stéphane Shibatsuji-Perrin + Yuma Takeshita + Yousuke Fuyama)