RonosTerabak#2 – Secrétariat, Miao Zhao, Tokar Krzysztof Tokarczyk, Maxime Haensenberger, Emre Sarigol

Le Pneu – Vldr
rue du Vélodrome 18 – 1205 Genève

Séance d’écoute dimanche 3 avril 2022
6 projets
entrée prix libre
premier concert 15h
fin 19h

miaozhao, cl/sheng/mic
Tokar Krzysztof Tokarczyk sax/mic
maximehaensenberger Drums
emre sarigol electronics


collective, band and musical experiment in one, deals with the permanent overstimulation of a hypercapitalistic, internet-dominated world. Sensory overload, simultaneity, and the collective experience of loneliness in a SEGA joint in Akihabara, or simply the paralyzing swoon of scrolling through our daily newsfeed, are the source of compositions that move at the intersection of pop culture, kitsch, and rebellion. Candytoe is a call to riot and narcotic drug all in one. Screamingly loud, shrill and bittersweet.

Frankfurt (0)
2 clarinet-pwned dronetekk,
founded by Xing & Zustand D. at ‘Stasi Headquarters’ in Berlin, 2015,
named after what is written on the train, which brings them to both home and to ‘Frankfurt an der Oder’, a nearby city right at the German/Polish border.
The name functions as a symbol for plenty of necessary acts of border crossing, in past, present and future (not only between countries),
and growing up with migrant background, out of the reach of communism, discovering music as a language that transcends all boundries, going through classical education, as well as a long path of multiinstrumentalism, leading to a clarinet, which gets refined, rediscovered and expanded in its methods and possibilities to explore deeply within a unique style.
Both members have a strong faible for usage of the instrument in electronic context,
teaming up in this project to forge walls of drone woven with melody lines known from
klezmer, balkan, oriental, hindustani, freejazz and western classial music,
occasionally introducing a grounding beat which lets us move and celebrate them possibilities of melodical wealth and low frequencies.


presque fantôme
Rémy Jahiel

Daniel Maszkowicz