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Renaissance, transdisciplinary exhibition – Le Commun, Genève 2-25 June 2022

Renaissance is an exhibition of audio-visual Installations, Performances, and Talks in Geneva, Switzerland. It features Algorithmic Abstractions, Synesthetic Phenomena, and Spontaneous Synchronicity.

KosmoSCore Blitz – Japan Tour 2022

KosmoSCore·Blitz is a hectic performance by Daniel Maszkowicz that uses electric and electromagnetic fields… with a Tesla Coil. Psychoacoustics, feedbacks and electricity brought to Sapporo, Shibuya, Osaka, Kyoto, Shinjuku.

RonosTerabak#2 – goûter électroacoustique

Secrétariat, F.E.N, miaozhao, Tokar Krzysztof Tokarczyk, maximehaensenberger, emre sarigol – TONTO – Candytoe – Frankfurt (O), Xing & Zustand D,
Splattergeist – presque fantôme, Rémy Jahiel – KosmoSCore·Blitz, Daniel Maszkowicz

Ronosterabak Röstibrücke 2022

Ronosterabak Röstibrücke 2022 in collaboration with Cave12 and Walcheturm, an initiative by SZKMD production, with the support of Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia and the Republic and Canton of Geneva. With Feldermelder, JMO, Jonathan Frigeri, Léon Jodry, INFLUUT, Kokhlias & Loulan, Maspin feat. Purpura, Dave Phillips, Vincent Glanzmann, Strotter Inst & Flo Kaufmann, Zimmermann/Lienhard, mm+tt

Audite Camera Obscura 2021

Une dizaine d’artistes présentent des pièces sonores courtes en surround 5.1 dans la salle du cinéma Spoutnik et un film Surprise pour la fin. Au programme, dans le désordre: ololiuhqui, Antoine Siron, Benjamin Ephise, d.c.p, Philippe Ciompi, POL, INFLUUT, Spirale Névrose, Varoujan

INFLUUT – chandelier Polska Tour 2021

Electroacoustic Post Jazz duo INFLUUT on Tour in Germany and Poland in two versions: INFLUUT live stereo and INFLUUT multichannel set with 16 channel immersive soundsystem based on small speakers.
Shiny Toys Festival, Mülheim an der Ruhr – Kolonia Artystów, Gdańsk – U n i c o r n Klub Chmury, Warszawa – 19 Rzek, Łódź – Klub Mózg, Bydgoszcz – FORMA / FORMA – CK Zamek, Poznań

INFLUUT – chandelier Asia Tour 2021

Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, Sapporo) A/V collaboration with Yousuke Fuyama.
Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul
A/V collaboration with Robert Turner Collective.
CANCELLED due to COVID-19, replaced by three online events

INFLUUT chandelier album release

All pieces composed and arranged by INFLUUT Nat Cilia – Saxophone, Voice, Chandelier Daniel Maszkowicz – Electronics, Synthesis
Mix by Philippe Ciompi

Living Still Covert Art by Robert Turner Collective
Recorded in 2021 at RedRum Studio – Geneva, Switzerland
SZKMD production – SZKMD002

Sonic Tree at Kolonia Artystów Gdańsk – Online vernissage 11/12/2020

Multi-Channel Interactive Sound Installation by Daniel Maszkowicz, with the support of Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia and the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Gdańsk and the Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition takes place in the frame of project OPEN – Otwarte Projekty Eksperymentów Narracyjnych (Open Projects in Experimental Narratives)

RonosTerabak#1 – écoute électroacoustique

HARMONIUM SOLO. d.c.p – OLO – SOMBRE, Loïc Grobéty – KUDETA, Ricardo da Silva, Sébastien Chaignat – SUSPENDED, NuR et Beau, Daniel Maszkowicz – MASPIN feat. PURPURA – KOKHLIAS & LOULAN – OBSCURE SINGING – NOIJZU, Shuyue Zhao, Luis Sanz – KAZEHITO SEKI – SEMOROZ/SOUHARCE